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The Best DIY Bow Holder

Greetings archery enthusiasts! Are you tired of perpetually grappling with the issue of disorganized bows? Fear not, for I have an awesome DIY bow holder solution to share with you! Allow me to demonstrate how to craft an awesome and stylish DIY bow holder, an ideal means to keep your archery gear in impeccable order while simultaneously lending a touch of personality to your space. Let us get on with it!

First off, we all know that it’s easy enough to just buy a bow holder, and not get in with the nitty gritty stuff of creating your DIY bow holder.

There are multiple places that allow you to purchase ready made bow holders, but they’ll never have that touch of self made luxury that you would have with something you’ve made with your own two hands. Therefore, it’s right about time that we checked out how to make your DIY bow holder!

Required Materials:

  • A wooden plank or board (sized to accommodate the desired number of bows)
  • Hooks or pegs (in a large enough quantity to accommodate all bows)
  • Wood stain or paint (optional for enhanced aesthetic appeal)
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Sandpaper (for achieving a refined finish)
  • Hanging hardware (wall anchors and screws)

Step 1

Prepare the Wooden Plank Procure a wooden plank tailored to suit the number of bows you intend to display. Should you desire a polished appearance, attend to the smoothing of its surface with sandpaper. Optionally, indulge your creative sensibilities by applying wood stain or paint that harmonizes with the ambiance of your chosen room.

Step 2

Identify the Optimal Locale Select an auspicious wall location for the installation of your bow holder. Utilize your measuring tape and pencil to delicately mark the designated positions for the forthcoming hooks or pegs. Ensuring adequate spacing between them is paramount to ensure a comfortable fit for all bows.

Step 3

Install the Hooks or Pegs Proceed to affix the hooks or pegs securely onto the wooden plank. Consider embellishing this aspect with visually striking hooks or pegs that impart a sense of uniqueness to your bow holder.

Step 4

Attain Precision and Mount the Bow Holder Present the wooden plank against the chosen wall, thereby assessing its alignment with the aid of a level. Subsequently, delineate the positions for drilling the requisite holes. In instances demanding additional support, incorporate wall anchors before firmly attaching the bow holder to the wall with screws.

Step 5

Showcase Your Bows The moment has arrived to elegantly display your bows. Gracefully suspend each bow from its corresponding hook or peg, ensuring their stability and security. As an added precautionary measure, consider an ever-so-slight upward tilt to prevent inadvertent displacement.

Step 6

Personalization (At Your Discretion) For those who relish indulgence in the creative arts, the DIY bow holder presents an exceptional canvas for personalization. Consider incorporating your name, inspiring archery-related quotations, or other distinctive touches. Additionally, introducing supplementary shelves to accommodate quivers or arm guards may further enhance the holder’s utility.


In light of your commendable efforts, esteemed archery fans, you have triumphantly fashioned an amazing DIY bow holder, an instrument of unparalleled efficacy in preserving the order of your archery gear. Embrace the newfound convenience and the exquisite display that embodies your ardor for the venerable art of archery. Revel in your triumph over disorganization as you now focus intently on your archery pursuits. May the trajectory of your arrows remain unwavering, and the joy of archery continue to permeate your days! Happy shooting!

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