gopro hero 12 release date

Gopro Hero 12 Release Date Confirmed

Gopro have thankfully always been consistent with their release dates, so we can confirm that the Gopro hero 12 release date will be the 15th September 2023.

Gopro have generally released all of their cameras around the same date for the past 5 years, and we have heard that this year will be no different.

Gopro hero 7 was released in September 2018, the Hero 8 in October 2019, Hero 9 in September 2020, Hero 10 in September 2021 and the Hero 11 on the 14th September 2022.

Gopro Hero 12 Specs

Gopro 12 release
Gopro Hero 12 New Look

The Gopro hero 12 will boast a beautifully sharp 32 Megapixel sensor, which will have stunning and sharp imagery across the photos and videos available. Thanks to our friends at the digital tech, we have details about all of the specs for the go pro 12, right here.


The new MP3 processor is able to shoot 8k video, taking your detail to the next level. It will have all of your favourite features as before, but this one really takes the cake.

We’re not sure on the details of how long you can shoot 8k for, with the Hero 10’s overheating problems at 4k we think that it’ll likely be a no-goer in summertime for 8k.

The camera will sport the usual 4k 120, 2.5k 240 and 1080 240, which will bring additional frames to your shoots for hypersmooth footage.


The new hypersmooth 6.0 tech will keep your shots as smooth as can be, even in the roughest of shoots. The go pro 12 is the smoothest runner on the market according to insiders, and news that the go pro 12 will have the best stabilisation on market is great news for avid go pro fans alike.

Gopro Hero 12 Shape

Thanks to techrandm, we now have a real look at what the Gopro hero 12 will look like. With a much larger screen, and sharper bevels on the sides, this one is really a look ahead of the competition.

Gopro 12 shape
Gopro hero 12 case

What about the price of the go pro 12?

It looks like the Gopro hero 12 will launch at around the same price point as the 11 when it was released, it is rumoured to be releasing at $549 USD.

To Conclude

The gopro hero 12 release date, September 15th 2023, is set to be an amazing milestone for Gopro with the level of technology they’ve achieved, along with a very low price tag for what you get with it.

We’re very impressed with the specs, and are really looking forward to getting our hands on the go pro 12.

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