3080 Laptop Vs 4070 Laptop

3080 Laptop vs 4070 Laptop, Which is Better?

First off, the laptop is only as good as its processor.

If you are running a 4090 laptop with an AMD Ryzen 3 3700U, and a 4070 laptop with a Ryzen 9 6900HX, your 4070 laptop will cleanly outperform the 4090, as the processor won’t be able to keep up with the load and your GPU simply can’t prop that up.

A processor is what keeps all of the cogs turning in the background whilst your GPU burns through rendering your games, and works hand in hand with keeping that laptop in tip top framerates when the bosses come knocking.

Laptop setup
Laptop Setup

For the 3080 laptop vs 4070 laptop debate, lets assume we have 2 identical laptops, such as the Razer Blade 14, but one has a 3080 in it, and the other has a 4070 in it. That’s when we’ll get the real answer of the 3080 laptop vs 4070 laptop debate.

Using userbenchmark, we can see that the 4070 outperforms the older gen 3080 on paper, with both cards having an impressive 12GB of digital memory (thanks to the upgrade to the 3080 from 10gb), and the 4070 only trumps the 3080 by 1% overall power wise.

Based on this, there generally isn’t a massive benefit to either, the only tie breaker for us would be the price point.

The 3080 laptop vs 4070 laptop debate has been raging since the release of the 40 series GPU’s, but thanks to a lack of scalpers and advanced technology, we’re seeing amazingly low prices on the market at the moment compared to the last few years. We’ll touch on this below in our price point review.

Price Point

Thankfully for us, GPU prices have plummeted and so have the prices of the other tech inside computers and laptops too. No longer do we have to endure shortages of all of our much needed components, bringing down the price of everything across the market.

The price point of the 3080 laptop vs 4070 laptop brings things more in-line, as there is only generally a £50-£100 difference in laptop prices, with the 3080 being lower.

Laptop Setup Neon
Gaming Laptop

Which Will Get Me More Frames Per Second?

Thanks to userbenchmark, we have the average scores of all of the GPU’s available to hand. Utilising this info, here is a comparison below:

3080 laptop vs 4070 laptop FPS scores:

Lighting 3080 271fps, 4070 268fps (3080 wins)
Reflection 3080 252fps, 4070 264fps (4070 wins)
MRender 3080 307fps, 4070 342fps (4070 wins)
Gravity 3080 229fps, 4070 234fps (4070 wins)

Overall for framerate, the 4070 takes the medal home on this one.

To Conclude

On paper, the 4070 laptop is better than the 3080, but only by the finest of margins. If you have the choice, and the budget, we would recommend looking at a 4070 laptop, as it settles as the winner of the 3080 vs 4070 laptop debate.

When you are shopping for your 3080 laptop vs 4070 laptop, make sure you check what type of CPU it has, the memory it uses and overall what sort of reviews the laptop has had in the past.

Again a laptop isn’t judged solely off it’s GPU, you should look for a good processor, and M.2 memory if you can too, so your games load 10x faster than a normal SSD could load them, to make your gaming experience as amazing as it can be.

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