Florida man June 12 bringeth three short stories that intertwine with the sunshine state.

The number 12 is one of the luckiest it is said, however it just seems to be a bad day for the Florida man.

Florida man has no choice but to continue to get into trouble, no matter what he tries to do. Have a look at some of the best stories below.


Florida Man June 12: Eating Apples

A Florida man James Sawyer, went into hospital on July 12 because he ate too many apples. He decided that he didn’t want treatment, but wanted something else instead, unlike all of the other patrons.

He decided that he wanted to eat all of the apples in the hospital too and steal all of the surgical tables.

Many witnesses say they saw him loading the tables into the back of a van whilst eating all of the apples he came across.

No one can explain how he stole the table, but we’re incredibly impressed.


Florida Man June 12: Leaves Wallet at Home

On June 12 Florida man accidentally left his wallet at home in an unusual place. Surprisingly, he put it inside his sons spiderman lunch box in his bedroom.

His son soon found his wallet when he went to get his lunch, and like any 7 year old with a credit card he went on a spending spree.

He proceeded to sign up to several adult websites and order himself an escort for the evening.

Florida man loves his money, but he can’t figure out where to safely leave it. This Florida man paid for it, for definite. Police charged the man with indecent exposure due to the escort flashing his son. Even worse, he didn’t get any action from the Escort herself.


Florida Man June 12: Hides His Marijuana

Police detained a Florida man after pulling him over and smelling marijuana coming from his car.

The Florida man argued that he did not have any in his car, but when police searched the car they found enough to arrest Florida man.

When the Florida man arrived in jail, they searched his buttocks and found 12 bags of various drugs inside of his butt.

Now he is facing further charges and a potential 20 years in jail.


Final Thoughts

What else do you think the Florida man has done on June 12th? If you have a look, there is a lot more to read. We have covered many dates in the history of Florida man and you can read them all on our blog here.

What do you think about what this Florida Man has done on your birthday? If it hasn’t been covered please drop the date in the comments below.

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