Who Owns Modelo Beer

Who Owns Modelo Beer?

So who owns Modelo beer? Modelo, often compared to Corona, is a Mexican beer that is refreshing and one of the finest beers to drink throughout Summer. It has seen a massive rise in popularity recently as Americans shift to Mexican/Latin American beers for their light crispness. But who owns modelo beer? 

Modelo beer is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the same company that owns Bud light. InBev acquired Modelo back in 2013 during a merger, which also included a group named Constellation becoming the sole distributor for the beer.

It’s been months since the controversy of Bud Light partnering with a trans-influencer, with all of the babies around the world throwing their toys out of the pram and boycotting Bud light for doing so. Right wing Americans all across the country were so enraged, that they decided the partnership was one step too far. 

The drop in popularity led to Bud Light dropping in sales significantly, and a relatively unknown beer named Modelo taking over. The company who owns Modelo beer, also owns several other large scale beers, but there is real history with Modelo.


A History Of Modelo

Regardless of who owns Modelo beer in 2023, we have a long and wonderful history that many nations share with the beer. 

Modelo has been brewed by Grupo Modelo for almost 100 years, since 1925, which is testament to how popular the beer is. 

The beer range includes Modelo Especial, Modelo Negra, and Pacifico, 2 of which are very well known and drank beers across the world. 

Modelo Especial has become the flagship beer for Grupo Modelo, although it does not compare sales wise to its sister Corona, it is one of the fastest gaining popular beers currently available on the US market, for its distinct taste and unique bottle. 


What Is the ABV Of Modelo?

Standard Modelo comes in bottles of 4.4% ABV. ABV is the abbreviation of Alcohol by volume, and shows the percentage of alcohol per ml.


Modelo Vs Corona

Modelo and Corona are brewed by the same company, Grupo Modelo. Corona was originally brewed to be enjoyed as a beer without any additional condiments, however several bars across Mexico decided to add lime to the beer, almost ending Grupo Modelo’s production of the beer. Corona to this day produces almost 20 million bottles per day alone, as one of the most popular beers in the world.

Modelo, a lesser known similar beer, uses a different grain to Corona, but is very similar in taste. This beer hasn’t got the worldwide popularity that Corona has, but is on the come-up as it is now in the top 4 trending beers in the US.


To Conclude

To conclude, we’ve found out who owns Modelo beer within the Anheuser-Busch InBev group. The group owns several different alcohol pursuits and serves their favorite beers across the world, as the parent company of a mass number of other smaller breweries. 

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