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Moor Beer Vegan Friendly Beer Review

Natural carbonation with live yeast is the heart of Moor beer vegan friendly Beer and it’s what gives it such an enhanced flavour, aroma and mouthfeel that genuinely cannot be replicated elsewhere I’ve found. Live life and drink live as quoted by Moor Beer.

As far as beers go, lagers generally taste the same as they have similar base ingredients, although ingredients may be weighed slightly different, or the company may make use of different grains. One thing I noticed right away with the Moor Beer Vegan Lager is that the taste is exceptional & unlike other lagers, the taste doesn’t get heavier towards the end (which shows the mixing and fermentation process is high quality).

Moor beer raw
Moor vegan beer raw

Moor Beer has a great range of beers, from Lager, Session IPA, IPA Golden Pale, Crossover IPA, Stout, Pale Ale and others too.

Out of all of the beers, I tried 3 – the Lager, Session IPA and Pale Ale as they are always my go-to beers when out and about. I had 2 of each can to test consistency from different batches, and they did not disappoint, you can tell the care and quality that goes into the Moor beer vegan friendly beer range.

The Lager – This really popped in my mouth, the flavour was wonderful and it was very ‘live’. We’ve all had those beers that are flat and non reactive and they aren’t enjoyable, but this was truly great. The flavours were consistent with Lager, and either in the can or in a beer glass with a widget the results were great. You could really taste the energy and effort that has gone into the beer, the mixture and ingredient balance is absolutely spot on.

Moor beer survival
Moor revival IPA

The Session IPA – Before I start, Session IPA is a scaled down IPA for anyone who isn’t sure. IPA is well known for being one of the hoppier beer styles & have a higher than average ABV %. Session IPA is a lower %, slightly toned down version of IPA. ‘Session’ Generally references to the fine-British way of drinking a lot of lower % beers over an extended period of time.

The Pale Ale – The flavour, wow! Pale ale is generally a light-coloured beer and is similar to bitter. It’s brewed using an ale yeast and predominantly pale malt. This Pale Ale was generally hop-forward and malty in flavour, full of flavour but nice and light to drink though beware, some ABV’s in the Pale Ale range are really high (although this is not the case with Moor).

Let’s talk about strength for a moment. Generally, companies would like to boast that they have the strongest brews, but Moor Beer have got it spot on with their top beer coming in at 5.3% and the range generally being between 4&5 %. Generally, if you have beers that top out above 5.5-6% they may cause gastrointestinal issues if drank over time, so the Moor beer vegan friendly range is one of the healthiest range of beers out there.

Now that we’ve covered strength, ranges and reviews let’s talk about price. Moor Beer comes in at a slightly higher price range than your mainstream beers, Carling, Fosters and the like. A mixed case as of time of writing comes in at £33.90 although there’s also the option to buy via cask if you have that facility to pour at home. Individual cans come in at around £3.20 which I think is very reasonable for the sheer quality of the beer. It is in the same price range as other similar companies such as Brewdog and Shindigger, but I feel the Moor beer vegan friendly range is brewed with more care & quality than its competitors.

All in all, the Moor Beer Vegan range is brilliant. The flavours really pop, the live-beer tastes wonderful and the range just sits perfectly in the centre of how strong beers should be without over-ruling the flavour to make the beer too strong. Definite recommendation from this end and Moor Beer has gained a life-time followed from me.

By Mike

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