Vegan victoria sponge

Vegan Victoria Sponge Easy Home Recipe


Another one of the nation’s favourites you cannot deny that this is one of the big go-to treats for parties, events or even weekend celebrations with the family. It’s perfect for an afternoon get together, a charity bake-off or even donating to fundraisers to raise much needed funds for those causes most important to us.

As seen before, I have been doing a lot of experimenting with recipes, taste tests and all of the above and have come up with what I think is the best Vegan Victoria Sponge Recipe I could put together!

Vegan Victoria Sponge Recipe:


Vegan victoria sponge

Prep time: 20 minutes to prepare, 45 minutes to cook

Servings: 12

For this Vegan Victoria Sponge Recipe, all you need are the following ingredients:

Ingredients for the Vegan Victoria Sponge:

For the sponge part:

  •     400g self-raising flour (plus some extra for the dusting)
  •       1 ½ tablespoons of bicarbonate soda
  •       250g caster sugar
  •       100ml sunflower oil
  •       400ml almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened, or you can use soya milk)
  •       4 tablespoons of golden syrup
  •       2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
  •       150g of strawberries (best quartered for decoration)

For the Buttercream part:

  •   200g dairy-free spread (and a little more for greasing)
  •       170g icing sugar
  •       1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

 Instructions: How to make the Vegan Victoria Sponge Recipe:

  1.     Pre-heat your oven to gas 4, 180*c, fan 160*c. Grease and flour the sides of the cake tins, using 2x23cm loose-bottomed tins.
  2.     Sift the flour, bicarbonate soda and sugar into a large mixing bowl and mix.
  3.     Whisk together the sunflower oil, milk, syrup and vanilla in a jug.
  4.     Pour the jug into the dry ingredients and whisk using a hand blender for 2 minutes, until it is thick and creamy.
  5.     Spoon the final mixture into the prepared cake tins and bake between 35&45 minutes (note do not open the oven mid-bake, it may deflate the centre).
  6.     Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 15 minutes in the tin.
  7.     Remove it completely from the tin and leave to cool completely on a wire rack.
  8.     Whilst the Vegan Victoria Sponge is cooling on the side, begin to make your filling.
  9.     Beat together the spread, icing sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl, cover and leave in the fridge until needed.
  10.   Spread the jam evenly over one half of the cake, followed by 2/3 of the creamy mixture.
  11.   Top with the second cake, spread the remaining creamy mixture on the top and decorate with your ¼ strawberries.
  12.   Clean up any spillages, tidy the top up and your Vegan Victoria Sponge Recipe is complete!

TIP – If you have no self-raising flour, you can add 2 tablespoons of baking powder per 150g plain flour.

The Bottom Line

I hope this Vegan Victoria Sponge Recipe has helped you satisfy those Vegan spongey cake cravings! I know it’s been an absolute delight to test recipes and create and bring it to all of you! I would not recommend freezing the cake that you make unlike some of my other page’s recipes as it does not unfreeze well, but it will keep well for your parties, afternoons and events for a couple of days which is wonderful.

You can experiment with your spread, with the fruit on top and even add Vegan flavourings to the cake to make it extra-tasty, I’ve even had a play with adding butterscotch flavouring to the top half of my sponge and it went down a treat at my daughter’s birthday.

In the end, once again there is nothing that we cannot convert into a Vegan recipe! There’s always a vegan alternative to meat and dairy products and for this one, I got all of my ingredients from Tesco as there were hundreds of choices available.

If you liked this Vegan Victoria Sponge Recipe, check out a few of our other recipes & see if there’s anything else that can tickle your taste buds!

If you have any requests, be sure to drop me an email and I’ll do my best to get back once the kids are in bed!

By Mike

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