Best Sweets from the 90s

The Best Sweets From the 90’s

Best Sweets from the 90s

We all love nostalgia from time to time, and none more so than looking back at some of the amazing sweets from the 90’s that we used to know and love. Some of the sweets from the 90’s were terrible, let’s be honest, but some of the other sweets from the 90’s were absolutely amazing and have traversed through time without dying out.


Sweets from the 90s 

The sweets from the 90’s really were generationally different than the predecessors, with older sweets being made majoritively from fudge and taffy, and more modern sweets being made from boiling sugar with other tasty ingredients and either pouring them into different moulds or hanging and stretching them to create the colour patterns that we know and love from the sweets from the 90’s. . 

Without further delay, let’s have a look into the past with some of the top 10 sweets from the 90’s:

Top 10 sweets from the 90’s – 

Sweets from the 90s

  1. Push Pops
  2. Toxic Waste
  3. Fizzy Dummies
  4. Apple Cubes
  5. Fizzy Blue Bottles
  6. Sherbet Straws
  7. Melody Pop 
  8. Ring Pop
  9. WHAM sour fizz
  10. Dib Dab

Coming in first place, as expected, is push pops. Push pops were every child and teenagers favourite sweet and it was impossible to get any better. Second is Toxic Waste, any person who tells you that toxic waste wasn’t one of the best mouth watering sweets from the 90’s is telling a lie, it was really hard to not have this at number 1 in honesty. Following 3rd with the bronze medal we have fizzy dummies, these are still widely popular today as they are included in Haribo, and testament to their resilience and popularity they are still one of the most sought after sweets on the market today.

We know that your favourite sweets from the 90’s are hard to come by nowadays, so here’s a brilliant site that sells near enough every one of your favourite sweets from the 90’s: 1990s Sweets – Sweets Of The 90s | Keep It Sweet. Be warned, you can buy these in bulk so if you are feeling peckish and are ready to relive the flavours of the sweets from the 90’s, then get the wallets at the ready. 

Back in the 90’s

Back in the 90’s we didn’t have as many sweets on the market as we do today, most of the time we would just go between push pops and toxic waste, with the occasional 5p bag of sherbet straws. Nowadays you can’t go anywhere without seeing an amazing array of sweets from the top to the bottom of the shops, and sometimes it’s impossible to decide what to get which is when we usually revolve back to the sweets from the 90’s, as we always like to play it safe!

The future of sweets from the 90’s

It’s no secret that the reason most of the sweets from the 90’s remain strong is because you can’t get better than some of these, they may re-release some of the sweets under a different guise but you will never displace push pops, fizzy bottles and fizzy dummies from the market when it’s just impossible to make anything better. 

That being said, some of the sweets from the 90’s really did struggle to keep pace throughout the years, with popular favourites such as dib dab being rebranded to survive and eventually being made into a popping candy sensation in the mid 2010’s before dying out again. 


To conclude, we’ve shown you our top 10 sweets from the 90’s and why our top 3 choices were made. It’s hard not to appreciate some of the other sweets from the 90’s that are going strong today, but unfortunately we had to make the choice and we put push pops at the top of the table, as we all know there really was no competitor back in the 90’s that was even close. 

What are your favourite sweets from the 90’s? We would absolutely love to hear your top choices in the comments!


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