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What is the difference between normal Cheese and Vegan cheese hamper? Most normal cheeses are made from heating Cows milk, adding culture and then draining curds. Vegan cheese is made from plant-based ingredients, such as spy beans, peas, cashews, coconut or almonds as opposed to cows so there is no animal included in the process. The difference between normal cheese and a vegan cheese hamper on the shelf is generally very minimal, because cow’s milk is only part of the ingredient list that makes cheese up it’s easy to replicate, so the list of Vegan cheeses available is as strong as the normal cheese list due to the different bases that Vegan milk can be made from.


Hamper vegan Cheese


Now as a Vegan you can definitely relate to the struggle of where you find the best vegan cheese hamper, countless hours can be spent finding a good vegan cheese hamper across supermarkets and online retailers and sometimes you can’t really find the vegan cheese hamper you’re after. Luckily in 2022 the Vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular so supermarkets are beginning to stock up on new products every month, so it won’t be a problem that is round for much longer. For your convenience though, I (well, Tish!) thought we should put a little list together for you.


So before I go into the vegan cheese hamper online list I’ll only be mentioning the top 4 that I’ve been able to find otherwise I’ll be here all day and the kids will kill me! Tish and I reviewed the best 4 that we could find online out of a long list that a friend sent us over, so here we go (and not in any particular order, they’re all amazing).


Vegan Cheese Hamper Comparisons


Below I am going to list some websites and their vegan cheese hamper comparisons. The vegan cheese hampers available on these sites are all sublime, but I will try to rate them as I go.

See below for the vegan cheese hamper: 


The hamper contains some Ale too! –

English style blue cheese (a creamy alternative to French Blue)

Cheddar with Caramelised onion Sheese (sweet and savoury)

Tribute Pale Ale (Bronze, bitter, Zesty and Fresh to compliment the sheese)

Doom Bar Pale Ale (Perfectly balanced with notes of dried fruit)

Clearspring Lightly Salted Rice Cake (A great source of Fibre, light and crisp)

Sisley’s Cornish Chutney (Delicious blend of Apples, spices, dried fruit and a splash of ale

This hamper although not 100% cheese is a brilliant combination for evenings and weekends, and the Ale’s definitely compliment the Vegan Cheeses that it comes with.

Our rating 7/10.




The Vegan Gift Hamper on Chuckling cheese is great, mainly because of the dips that compliment the cheeses so well.

The hamper Contains –

Green Vie Mozarella (a delicious mozzarella inspired Vegan cheese, perfect for melting)

Green Vie Cheddar (Delicious and creamy, perfect for cheese on toast)

Balsamic pickled onions (Gorgeously crunchy paired with balsamic vinegar)

Kick in the ribs medium (Deliciously spicy hot sauce perfect for dipping or marinade)

Rhubarb 5cl (a delicious Rhubarb flavoured Gin to enjoy)

Chuckling Cheese Garlic Chilli Jam (the perfect accompaniment to any cheese, has a lovely warming heat)

Again this hamper although not 100% cheese is created to compliment the cheese that is served, and the Vegan cheese that it comes with are home made and wonderful.

Our rating 7/10.




The Vegan Cheese Hamper available on here is amazing! It’s really well put together and very complimentary. It’s filled with tasty nibbles and aged Vegan cheese to really add flavour.

The hamper contains –

Indie Bay easy Cheese Pretzels

Mr. Filberts Sea Salt and Herb Mixed Nuts

Stellar Organics No Sulphur Added Merlot (YUM!)

Mouse’s Favourite Aged Dulse Vegan Cheese (2 week shelf life)

Rubies in the Rubble Chilli Onion Relish

Oloves Natural Green Pitted Olives with Lemon and Rosemary

Clearspring Oat Cracker

Mr. Freeds Cheezie Tortolla Chips

This vegan cheese hamper has so many complimentary items to go with the cheese that is included, and the fact that so much love goes into creating and ageing the cheese is really reflected in how this hamper is made up.

Our rating 9/10.




As I did before with Graze on the Vegan Grazing box, I thought I’d add a site that has a lot of choice.

On this site there are 5 Vegan cheese hamper choices all at a very reasonable price point, so I’ll list them below –


Vegan Cheese and Wine Hamper  –


Running dock merlot

Bute island English style blue cheese

Bosnan bell pepper and Almond Crème

Eat Real Cheezie straws, Burts Salt and Vinegar Crisps

Mr. Organis Rosemary Flatbread

Shaws Caremalised onion chutney

Brilliant combination and Merlot is always a go-to combination with cheese


Vegan Cheese and Savouries Hamper


Amisa Ceggie Garden Crispbread

Applewood Vegan Smoked Cheese Slices

Rubies in the Rubble Apple Relish

Bute Island Cheddar with Caramelised Onion Sheese

Ten Acre Hickory BBQ Crisps

Another brilliant vegan cheese hamper combination with great savouries.


Deluxe Vegan Cheese Hamper –  


This is the hamper to end all hampers! This includes –

Applewood Vegan Smokes Cheese Slices

English style blue cheese

Cheddar with Caramelised Onion Sheese

Sisley’s Cornish chutney

Bosnan bell pepper Almond Crème

Clearspring lightly salted Rice Cakes

Mr Organic Rosemary Flatbread

Eat real Cheezie straws

Naturli Vegan Spreadable

This vegan cheese hamper really does take the biscuit, brilliant combination and doesn’t break the bank at £36.50 for a deluxe hamper.


Vegan Cheese and Cider Hamper  


Applewood Vegan Smoked Cheese Slices

Rubies in the Rubble Apple Relish

Healey’s Rattler Cider

Cornish Orchards Gold Cider

Mr Organic Rosemary Flatbread

Bombay Mix (noodles, lentils and peanuts)

This is an all-rounder for the sweet Cider lovers, beware the Cider is crisp & dry.


Vegan Cheese and Ale Hamper – Same as in site 1, it looks like this site sells via the other to increase it’s offering.

Our rating 8 /10.

To conclude, our preferred choice (well, Tish’s!) would be The Goodness Project because it’s such a delightful cheese and complimentary hamper and the price point we believe is great in comparison to what you get. The second command (me) would have gone for the veganic store just for the sheer choice that you have, but what’s to say you can’t do both!


If you liked our article and ratings on the vegan cheese hampers available online, please check out some of our other vegan content, we have much more than the vegan cheese hamper available and have a host of recipes for you to check out too!

By Mike

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