dji app not working

Is your DJI app not working?

You’ve come to the right place to find out how to fix it.

There are many reasons that you can find your DJI app not working, issues with your phone is generally the culprit but we’re here to find out if there are any other ways we can fix the app.

First off, make sure you’ve reset your phone recently, a lot of the time that you find your DJI app not working is because your phone is erroring.

If that doesn’t manage to fix the issue, then make sure the next time you load your DJI app up, you send the error report to DJI, so that they can find and fix the issue.

Double Check Compatibility: First things first, make sure your device plays well with the DJI app. Head over to the DJI website or your app store to see if your smartphone or tablet meets the app’s requirements. No use flying high if your gear isn’t up to par!

Give It a Restart: Sometimes, apps just need a little breather. Close that DJI app entirely and then give it another shot. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to fix those little pesky bugs.

Update, Update, Update: Keep your DJI app on the cutting edge with the latest version. Check for updates on your app store and get that baby up-to-date. Newer is often better!

Your Device OS Matters: Your phone or tablet needs love too! Make sure its operating system is up-to-date. An outdated OS might be playing spoilsport with your drone dreams.

Clear Cache and Data: If the app’s still acting up, time for some spring cleaning. Head to your device settings, find the DJI app, and clear its cache and data. Sometimes, a fresh start does wonders!

Get Connected: Before you take flight, check your internet connection. Some features need a stable connection, so don’t forget to hook up!

Reboot, Reboot: Still no luck? Give your device a little break and restart it. Sometimes, it’s all it needs to snap out of it.

DJI Server Check: It’s not always you; sometimes, it’s them! Check DJI’s website or social media for server updates. They might be working on it already.

Fresh Install: If the app’s still crashing your party, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. That could fix those gremlins lurking around.

Call for Backup: If all else fails, it’s time to call in the big guns. Reach out to DJI’s customer support; they know their stuff and can save the day!

Next question, do you have a Samsung? There are many known issues between DJI apps and Samsung that stop the app working on your phone, but fear not – there are many third party apps available to help you connect to your DJI devices if your DJI app not working.

If you don’t have a Samsung, and are still encountering issues with your DJI app not working, uninstall and reinstall the app, re-login and see if the error persists. If the app still fails, again thankfully there are many third party apps that allow you to control your DJI devices.

If the error persists after all of these issues, then look to the DJI main website and report the problem, it should be picked up quickly and an app fix can be made quickly to fix the problem.

If you find your DJI app not working as a huge problem, and can’t see yourself continuing to use the DJI products, then you should check out the DJI return policy, and see if you can return your equipment via the DJI return policy arrangements.

Now that your DJI app not working has been sorted, have a look at the DJI trade up and DJI trade in schemes from across the net:

dji trade up
dji trade up scheme

DJI Trade up
This is a scheme that DJI run several times per year, it is not always on so it’s worth checking back often. The DJI trade up scheme allows you to trade your old DJI gear in towards new, significantly reducing the price of upgrading your gear.

It’s easy to think about returning your DJI product if you’ve recently bought but feel you need better tech at your disposal, for those cases, check out the DJI return policy.

The DJI trade up scheme allows you to upgrade your gear without having to front huge costs, and is a hugely rewarding scheme when it is running as you can upgrade your gear to the newest models for ridiculously cheap prices.

DJI Trade in

The DJI trade in scheme is the same as the DJI trade up scheme, however there are hundreds of companies across the US that run trade in schemes for your tech and they all have deals with DJI, and stock them well if DJI’s offers aren’t on at that time.

The DJI trade in and DJI trade up schemes are wonderful additions to the offers DJI have recurring

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