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Hey all, Mike here again! In this article I’m going to go through some fun and exciting tech for you and your kids, where you can be inventive, fun and exciting!

Everything gets better when your kids are playing, imagining a limitless world full of possibilities and there’s some tech out there that really takes the biscuit. Living in 2022 sure has it’s challenges, but it’s also got the best technology around and the best tech gifts for your kids can really open up a world of possibilities for them.

Now I always go for the outdoors option. I’m a get up and go hiker myself, but I understand that in today’s day and age your kids need to have a range of activities to play with, from footballs to hikes to consoles and all of the above.

So below I’m going to list a few of the cool, fun and exciting pieces of technology that you can get to have a brilliant and fun experience with the kids.


Juision Magnification Endoscope 


This unleashes the creativity and curiosity inside! It is a portable microscope for kids, they can see the tiniest micro-organisms wherever they go. You can zoom in, take pictures and even record what’s going on with the life that your eyes can’t see, and it’s designed to nurture young curious minds which is does perfectly!


Construction and Motorised Building Sets 


There is no end to the possibilities that you can create with this (please note this is for kids aged 10 and over). The set I mention is by Meccano, there are tools, real metal parts and it is brilliant for children who want to lean micro-engineering and explore their creativity with building things. Children are truly rewarded for innovative ideas with this set, you can really have great fun with it!


Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe 


This really takes the imagination to new levels! It’s a piece of technology that helps kids to learn more about the countries on the globe in an interactive way. The interactive nature of this educational tech toy helps to build your childs cognitive skills, and extensively builds their curiosity of the world beyond measure


Dropmix Music Gaming System


Unleash the noise! This tech gift combines lots of genres of music to produce lots of cool sounds and tracks! It has multiplayer options to play with friends, and is almost like a mobile DJ kit so it’s perfect for birthday parties to keep the kids entertained and dancing!


Thames and Kosmos Science Experiment Kit 


Learning physics and engineering always seems so hard, but exposing your kids to it early makes it easy! It uses state of the art sensors to collect data from around you and has a 3D hatching and creation mode too so your child can create various little creatures (not real ofcourse!). It uses real life sensors, can 3D print and is interactive and user friendly which is great for learning and fun.


Makeblock mBot Entry Level Robot Kit 


Logical thinking and programming… sounds complicated! Luckily the entry level kit with easily fixable parts and instructions makes it easy. It teaches the kids how to build, and even code using an interactive free app that opens up a world of creativity. Once the bot is built, there are a number of interactive games you can play to help build those bot systems up, a really genius idea from the creators.


That’s it from me – I hope you enjoyed looking at the best tech gifts for kids in 2022. There are thousands of options but I spent the time doing the work for you here!

All of these gifts are available on Amazon and they’re all much cheaper than expected, I know times are tough so I’ve chosen the most affordable options too for you all.

Have a favourite? Drop me a message and I’ll see if I have time to review it!

By Mike

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