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Choosing The Right Men’s Wallet: Our Top Tips


Wallets are a key accessory in every man’s life. For some, a wallet is a personal thing. It could hold sentimental value. It could be an extension of their style and personality. Regardless of the reason, wallets can be deeply personal to an individual.

When choosing to gift a man a wallet, choosing the right one can be challenging. If you are in this predicament, keep reading to find out how to help you choose the right wallet.

Consider Investing In Designer

Most men might not replace their wallets until they have to. This could mean their wallet is falling apart and cannot function as it should. Since it will likely last them a while, investing in a designer wallet is worth considering. Designer products are often made with quality materials that are more durable and lasting. A glimpse at the range of men’s Gucci wallets and card holders from SSENSE can give you an idea of what options there are. If they only carry cards, choosing a Gucci card holder could make the perfect present.

Know Their Taste

Think about the recipient’s taste and style in fashion. Knowing this and what they like will help you tremendously in selecting a wallet for them. Look at their current wallet to get an idea of the style they like if you want to surprise them with a new wallet. Alternatively, you could ask them what features they prefer their wallet to have. For instance, do they want to hold coins, have a slot for pictures, or do they like to have a wallet to keep their cards? The answers to these questions will help you search for the right wallet.

Think Of Practicality

A card holder wallet would be ideal if they only carry cards. Think about what they have in their wallet, which will help you decide what style to choose. Additionally, consider the size of the wallet. It is unlikely that they will want to carry around a bulky wallet, so finding ones that are smaller in size but can hold everything they need would be best suited. Consider the material of the wallet – would they prefer to have a leather or a fabric one? Each wallet has its unique features. Some leather wallets, for example, have key elements that make them more preferred than other wallets. Leather wallets might be more durable than fabric ones, whilst fabric ones might be lighter in weight than leather. These are factors worth considering when looking at wallet choices.

Choice Of Colour Or Pattern 

Aside from material, there is also the choice of colour and patterns. Some will prefer to keep it simple and have their wallet either in black or tan. Whilst others might be more adventurous and choose a bold colour or pattern. Think about the person you are choosing to buy a wallet for. Consider their taste and style, and whether they would prefer to go with the classic choice of a black or tan wallet or would they be more daring with a bold pattern. Asking these questions when looking will help you to narrow down your search.

When choosing a men’s wallet, keep these points in mind. Some of these could help you search and make the right choice. The recipient will likely be grateful for the thought and effort in choosing the wallet.


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