Carhartt Whiskey

The perfect addition for any wedding, event or festival, the Carhartt Whiskey flask has it all. 

Officially named the Carhartt WIP Protect Survive Whiskey Flask, this flask has a unique design and will stand out through any crowd. Pulling this Carhartt whiskey flask out in front of your friends will definitely pull some eyes towards you, 

It’s no secret that Carhartt WIP have some of the most fashionable clothing lines on the market to this day, with there being a cult following for the style and material superiority over other brands. 

The Carhartt Whiskey Flask is no different, adding this as an accessory to your look adds the sophistication of industrial chic to your persona, with the real steel texture and dark stamp it’s a must-have not only for looks, but for practicality too.


How Big Is The Flask?

The Carhartt Whiskey flask is 9.3cm x 9.3cm, perfectly sized for your front, back or side pockets or an inner-lined pocket in a jacket, ready to sneak into events and festivals that think it’s standard practice to charge $20 for a rum and coke. It’s also the perfect accessory size, and isn’t heavy or clunky.

Now that you have your Carhartt whiskey flask, there’s no need to purchase any more than the mixer anymore, and if you keep reading below – we’ll give you some hints and tips to reduce your festival costs. 


Festival & Event Tips

Festivals are the perfect place to show off your unique fashion, in a no holds barred manner. You can show some creative flair with your outfit as you descend upon the fields and madness of the dance pits.

However, what are the biggest issues in festivals? That’s right, the price of the drinks, and having to queue for miles to get one too.

The solution – travel to the grounds of the festival a week prior to the event and bury your liquor and mixers. 

Thanks to the stainless steel makeup of the Carhartt whiskey flask, it won’t get dirty from burying it, and you have unlimited access to stage-side drinks depending on where you bury your items. The easiest way to find your buried treasure is to bury it with an apple air tag. This way, you always know how to find it, even if a group of people are standing around your dig site. 

To go with your flask of choice, why not accessorize with the perfect wallet? Check out our article on choosing the right wallet here.


To Conclude

To conclude, the Carhartt whiskey flask is certainly the most stylish way to drink through your event, and a real classy show-off item to add to your attire. Whether it’s full or empty, having this item on your person is sure to turn heads throughout.

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