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My Vegan Journey


Hey all, Mike here again!


I know you’ve all seen my blog, read my favourite recipes, seen how much I love being a Vegan and everything about it but I really wanted to touch on the journey I went on to be here. 


A few years ago I was overweight, my blood pressure scores were high (I thought it was just because I was a parent!) and I was generally unhealthy. I never got out much, the kids were so young and I was in a bad routine, bad diet etc. Anyway as I went for my yearly health check it came out a bit different this time, there was actually something quite bad on the report and I was told I had to exercise 30 minutes per day minimum to keep it at bay, so I bought a bicycle and began. I hated it at first, sore bum, sore legs, all sweaty, why do people do this for a hobby I thought! Then it started to get easier, funner, I started seeing new places & meeting other people who are going through the same thing too. 


I started mildly competing in cycling races 1 year later, I was always at the back, 700/750 and around that area, and I’d go home proud that I competed but always wondering why I’m near the back, and why I couldn’t keep up. I started looking at my weight, I’d lost 4 stone so it can’t be that, maybe it’s my diet then? So I checked out ‘Game Changers’ on Netflix, and my eyes were immediately opened. No way was chicken not the best lean meal for strength and recovery, that all the protein in chicken was from the plants they ate too… So I dug down a little deeper, and started to see what happens on the farms too, I was quite ashamed that I’d been a meat eater for that long and knew nothing of the mistreatment and the barbarism that went on behind closed doors. From that day, the day I watched dominion, I vowed never to eat meat again and here I am, a proud vegan and one that will always preach green.


I quickly noticed I was moving up in the cycling ranks, 600, 500, 300, 200, 150, my performances were amazing, my mental health was amazing because of the pride in what I was doing, and I felt clearer as a person. 


I’ve been a blogger for a long time, 2 years of my blogging included talking about meats and the best high protein diets, and to show my dedication I cleared my blog and started afresh, I started my Vegan dad blog from scratch which was hard but well worth it. 


Then here I am today, a vegan dad of 2, the fittest I have ever been in my life and the strongest I’ve ever been mentally, and it’s all down to my new proud vegan diet. No longer do I add to a worldwide problem, and I proudly preach that I changed from meat to vegan. 


Not only did changing to vegan kickstart my healthiness, but it kickstarted me into blogging healthier too. My old blog was filled with chicken dinners for kids and recommendations based on what I knew at the time, but I’ve since had my eyes opened about a lot of the products on the market and now not only do I eat healthier, but my kids do too. 


Anyway sorry for rattling on, if you’re still here I wanted to say a massive thank you for reading and if you’re interested, please check out some of the other posts I have on veganism, green living and recipes too!


By Mike

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