wrap around extension method floral design

Wrap Around Extension Method Floral Design


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When you start arranging your own flowers, firstly you have to learn the basics of Floral design and the wiring that is involved, and the different wiring methods too.


Before you can start delving into several different wiring methods, you’ll need the items below to actually complete your floral designs.


Items That You Need To Prep For the Wrap Around Method Floral Design


Before you learn about the designs that you want to do, like the wrap around extension method floral design, here is a list of tools that are required to do the proper floral wiring:


  1. Floral Wires
  2. Flower Scissors
  3. Cutters
  4. Rag/Cloth
  5. Floral tape
  6. Head Pins
  7. Protective gear (usually a bracelet)


The Essentials!


Before you start the process of flower and floral designing, here are a few things that you NEED to know to correctly do the wrap around extension method floral design:


The Type of Floral Tape


Probably the most quintessential part of flower arrangements. Without this, you simply cannot do any form of flower arranging and design. The tape does it’s job by covering all of the wiring that you create, and provides significant additional support which is much needed in the name of moisture prevention and a strong flower structure.


The Wiring


Another big essential for the wrap around extension method floral design, and to do any form of floral wiring, you must get the floral wires. There are many different thicknesses available, so take as much time as required to find the correct one for the design you are planning.


Keeping and maintaining the same thickness level is absolutely mandatory to make every little part of the process run like clockwork. Wires that are way too thick will cause unnecessary burden to the structure of the flowers, and wires that are too thin cannot support the arrangement properly.


When the support fails, the overall structure fails too, so it’s very important that you choose the correct wiring when you decide on your project.


The Preparation of the Flowers


Before you start looking at both of your techniques, like the wrap around extension method of floral design, you need to also pay close attention to the condition of the flowers.


To begin, you need to lay something similar to a tea towel down (a normal tower will suffice) to absorb any leftover surface water around. Then you must cut 1cm lengths of the stem and remove all of the thorns that are on the stem, and any parts that you don’t want to keep.


Now that you have a good work area, you can create additional pieces until you have enough resources to create your very first flower arrangement! Putting all of the materials down on the towel can make everything much easier for you, as everything is dry and within reach.


The Wiring Methods Within Floral Design


There are many wiring techniques that a floral designer may use to show the flowers and their natural beauty off. As a main example, there is the wrap-around extension, floral design, or even the straight wire method available to you. You can see descriptions of these methods below:


Wrap Around Extension Method Floral Design Method:


The first and main technique that you must learn is the wrap around extension method floral design. The wrap-around method is an amazing method for filler flowers and smaller massed flowers.


A few examples of this category of flowers would include statice, and baby’s breath. You should begin by wrapping the stem with wire a few times, and then you bend the wire along the stems.


How to do Bracing, A Method of Floral Design


Now we are up to the bracing method of floral design. This is different to the wrap around extension method floral design. The bracing method is just another way to place the floral tape, where the tape is placed below the blossom. This structure is created as a way to support the flower for larger displays.


The bracing method is quintessential in helping the floral design and supporting the structure, and with this method the flower stands more solid for a much longer period.


More Floral Design Tips


Define Your Flower Concepts


The first step any flower artist must do to arrange their flowers is to create the concept of the flower arrangement, and how it is to be designed. The idea is usually adapted to the specific event, such as weddings, gigs, or other formal and informal events. This stage of the arrangement will determine your choice of flower later on.


Choose Your Flower Combination


Next you should choose the combination of flowers that you will be using. It’s better to choose at least four different types of flower, but you should choose three as a bear minimum.


Choose one large flower (or two if it is a very large display) for the centrepieces, and 3 smaller flowers to go around. The color of the center pieces should be much brighter than the flowers surrounding, so that they stand out in the center. When you choose the arrangement for the wrap around extension method floral design, make sure you choose something completely stand out.


The type of flower is also very important as it can affect the flower arrangement. The combination of many different depths of flowers with shallow and wide dimensions will produce plenty of volume for your display. Also, if you want a simple but defining flower arrangement, choose flowers that are slimmer in stature.


Choose Custom Flower Colors for Your Theme


Choosing the color for your theme is very important, and you should adjust the color for the specific event. As a large decoration in a wedding, the flowers should be calm so that they suit the day and the night time of the event. In the same sentence, they should be lighter flowers, that brighten the event during the day time, and can be seen in lights in the night.


When you are doing the wrap around extension method floral design, make sure you do choose some stand out flowers for your arrangement.


Similarly the flower arrangements that are used to decorate informally as daily decorations, you can adjust the color to match the style or theme of the room or building.


Utilize Proper Wiring Methods


You can choose several different methods of wiring to create your bespoke and stunning flower arrangement, and can choose this based on what type of flowers you use. You need to make sure you choose the correct wire for the flowers, and again take note of the thickness you use too.


Make sure you use the perfect wiring method for the flowers you choose, this is such an essential step to flower arrangements.


Refresh Your Flowers With Water


When you do arrange your flowers, you should combine them with several accessories like baby’s breath or even ferns, and pay attention to where the vase will be placed too.


Make sure you adjust your height and direction of the arrangement that you create too, so that it looks symmetrical and stunning from all angles, and don’t forget to add clean water too so that the flowers always look fresh.


If you are doing an arrangement to last multiple days, you can add plant feed to keep them fresh and bright. That pretty much sums up the wrap around extension method floral design.


To Conclude


To conclude, I hope that you learned plenty about the basics of floral design and found my hints, tips and descriptions of the bracing method and wrap around extension method floral design helpful.


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