Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

Here we are again with another of our nation’s favourites, the Spaghetti Bolognese! Or should I say, the Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe! The Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the worlds most renowned dishes, and is also one of the easiest to make. It’s perfect for families, parties and

This time I’ve managed to experiment with Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Recipes from different supermarkets and come up with the best combination that I could find. Unsurprisingly most of the ingredients were available across the board, so you don’t have to worry about going to a special supermarket for any of them!

Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe:

Prep time: 10 minutes to prepare, 1 hour to cook

Servings: 4

For this Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese recipe, all you need are the following ingredients:

Ingredients for the Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

  •       1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  •       1 Onion, chopped
  •       1.5 Celery Sticks, finely chopped
  •       1 Large carrot
  •       200ml Vegan red wine (optional)
  •       2 Garlic cloves, chopped
  •       1 Tablespoon tomato puree
  •       1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  •       2 Tablespoons dried oregano
  •       100g Closed cup mushrooms, diced
  •       1 Aubergine, diced
  •       75g Lentils
  •       2 x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes (you can also buy a 1kg tin and blend some for the puree)
  •       1 Vegetable stock cube
  •       300g Spaghetti
  •       1 Tablespoon of Soy sauce
  •       4 Tablespoons of Almond milk
  •       Fresh Basil (optional garnish)

Instructions: How to make the Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe:

  1.     Heat the oil in a large saucepan at a medium heat.
  2.     Add onion, celery and carrot and cook for 10 minutes, stirring often until softened.
  3.     Pour in the wine (if you chose to add it) and let it reduce for 2-3 minutes, if you didn’t add it then just stir in the garlic, tomato puree vinegar and oregano. Cook for 1 minute.
  4.     Add Mushrooms, aubergine, lentils, chopped tomatoes, stock cube and 200ml of water.
  5.     Bring this to a boil then reduce the heat to a soft simmer, cover the pan and cook for 40 minutes until the sauce has thickened. Stir often and if it has thickened too much, add a little splash of water.
  6.     Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and cook the pasta to the pack instructions.
  7.     To serve, stir the soy sauce and almond milk into the sauce to make it a little creamier and spoon it over the drained spaghetti.
  8.     Chuck a few basil leaves on top for the flavour and the recipe is complete!

TIP – Any leftovers that you have will go very well with jacket potatoes, make sure you keep it in an air tight container or you can even freeze the over-pours!

The Bottom Line

I hope this Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe helps satisfy those cravings and get another strong family meal contender out there for you! The food macros in this recipe are astonishingly good, and if you like, you can add a huge range of Vegan Mince options in, if you check your local Tesco or Iceland you’ll see they have lots of available products, with my favourite being Quorn Mince, due to the high protein count (as they are made from mycoproteins).

In the end there’s no meal that cannot be adapted to a Vegan Diet! There’s a multitude of Vegan alternatives to meat and dairy products out there. You can search for them online, go through cook books or check your local supermarket for their free-from shelves to see hundreds of available choices.

If you liked this Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe, check out a few of our other recipes & see if there’s anything else that can tickle your taste buds!

If you have any requests, be sure to drop me an email and I’ll do my best to get back once the kids are in bed!

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