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Lisbon is like many other coastal cities like Barcelona, Athens or even Santorini. It’s always been a warm southern paradise to go to where you can avoid cold weather year round, especially from December to March each year.

Lisbon has mountains, sea, pink pastel buildings, everything you would want to see from a coastal city on your travels. It is blessed with the warmest climate in Europe, the weather isn’t too harsh and is suitable year round (though we found July was a little hot on the feet!). It was around 35C when we were there last, and 22 in the evenings which was perfect for enjoying a walk around the coast with the sunset.

I’d say the best time to visit Lisbon is between March and June or September/October, the weather isn’t too hot, the rainfall is low and it’s not as crowded as it can get in the summer holidays either.

Travel options to Lisbon – We opted to drive through the mountains for the scenery for our journey, there are 7 mountains surrounding Lisbon and each of them is as beautiful as the other. You can also fly for relatively cheap and it only takes a few hours too.

Getting around – The bus is the busiest most popular type of transport in Lisbon, and you can see why when you see the prices. The shuttle called Aerobus is right outside the airport and can go right to the centre of the city for 3.15 euros each which is amazing compared to cities across neighbouring countries. There’s also the metro which is a good means of transport to get around the city, it’s 6 euros for a daily pass as many times as you like or 1.40 for a direct route which Is a total steal again, compared to some places. Taxis are great too, but be wary that they will take you around the houses to your destination for the extra cash which is what we found on multiple occasions, one even dropped us off at the fort at the top and told us we need to see it! There are also olden world trams around, these are a great option for travellers to get a few good photos on too.

Best places to stay –  

Barrio Alto – For the nightlifers!

Santo Antonio – Spacious, great shopping and unique expensive hotels

Baixa Chiado – The centre of the citty, surrounded by bustling restaurants and a large square – the most convenient place to stay

Alfama area – Lisbon’s oldest area, one for the walkers and the ones who want to experience nostalgic Lisbon.

Our favourite things to do in Lisbon –

Castelo De Sai Jorge – The castle was built in the 11th Century, it’s still perfectly in tact and acts as a stronghold at the top of Lisbon. You can see the whole city & see beautiful grounds within, and feel the tranquillity with the ancient cultural values of the city.

Lisbon Cathedral – The church looks very similar to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and it is the oldest Roman church in Lisbon. The highlight of the church is that it is designed in Gothic, Romanesque, Boroque style and looks like a fortress from the exterior.

Dinner by the coast – There are a number of coastal restaurants to choose from to sit by the sea and watch the boats come in/out, you can come to some of these for cruise spotting, coastal trekking or just for relaxation by the sea.

Our favourite place to drink: Bahr at the Bairro Alto Hotel – this absolutely speaks for it’s self, sitting down after a long days travelling for a beer overlooking the city is something special, and the prices aren’t upmarket for what you get either.


Our favourite place to eat: JNcQUOI – this restaurant is a beautiful mix of old and new world, a lovely place to sit and eat and the local cheeses & fish are exquisite.

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