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Gladiator Protein – The Best?

It’s no secret that Gladiator protein is a serious contender for the best protein in the market at the moment, but what really makes Gladiator protein so special?

Most protein shakes work out at quite a heavy carb to protein ratio, and that means although you are gaining muscle, if you’re not working off all of those carbs too then you’re essentially bulking on fat too which isn’t what we want as bodybuilders and powerlifters. 

The Gladiator protein offers 45 grams of protein for 185 calories, which is amazing compared to other shakes that offer sub 30g of protein for over 250 calories. 


Where does Gladiator Protein come from?

Gladiator protein is owned by Smoothie king, it is their premium protein powder. There are several flavours released by smoothie king, including the standard chocolate and strawberry, which are also the most popular options across the market.


Is there a leaner protein shake on the market?

The only leaner proteins you will find will come in water format such as the isopure fruit protein, apart from that we cannot find a leaner protein on the market. If you break down the comparison of 45g protein to 185 calories, you’re only taking on 38 calories per 10g protein which is fantastic.


What are the benefits of a low-carb protein shake?

Low carb protein shakes have huge benefits, whether you’re cutting to become lean, or whether you’re bulking. Stay with us here, as we’ll explain why.

If you are bulking with protein only, you aren’t hitting your maximum growth capabilities unless you’re eating an incredibly specific diet. There are several other supplements that are important in muscle growth, recovery and health which we will talk about below. 



creatine on an empty stomach

Creatine is a protein that your muscle uses to create explosive energy during exercise, being stacked up with this is a sure-win for all muscle builders and even runners. That extra energy means you can push harder during your sets, hit higher goals and increase growth exponentially.  

For those of you that are hard-cutting, we don’t recommend creatine on an empty stomach. The reason we don’t recommend creatine on an empty stomach is that you metabolize it much better when it is taken with carbs. 

Here is where the protein shakes come into play, with the Gladiator protein you are looking at a small handful of carbs which will aid in ingesting the creatine, and you get the huge benefits of the protein, creatine and carbs all in one take.That means that you aren’t taking creatine on an empty stomach, and you’re getting the full benefit of all of the other vitamins, nutrients and proteins right before and after your workouts too.

For those of you who like to do a daily fast, you may be asking does creatine break a fast. The answer is no, creating will not break your fast and does not have an effect on the benefits you gain from fasting, or intermittent fasting. 



l carnitine injections
l carnitine tablets

L-carnitine is one of the most overlooked supplements on the market to date. It’s relatively unheard of in the gym and in the homespace too. 

L-carnitine increases the availability of fatty acids to burn for energy, which helps you use those pesky fat stores as energy instead. It is also a great metabolism support, and helps you mentally focus which is key during workouts. 

L-carnitine comes in many different forms to take, you can take it as a powder, a tablet or have injectable l carnitine. There are many benefits to all 3, which I will list below:

  1. Powder – this can be added to your protein or creatine mix, meaning you digest these along with your other energy-boosting supplements. 
  2. Tablet – this can be taken easily and quickly, and will digest within the next 30 minutes or so.
  3. Injection – this is a less conventional method but it is the best method for instant results.

For those who wish to get injectable l carnitine, you should be aware that the marks that will be left may mean that others think you are not a natty bodybuilder. This can be disheartening for some, as they are using natural methods of growth but they are using it in the same way that others would be seen to take steroids and this may leave unnatural marks behind.


What does natty mean gym?

A lot of people ask what does natty mean gym, and it means whether the bodybuilder is natural or is on steroids. As we know, most steroids seriously increase your muscle growth leading to un-natural gains, but also have serious health risks associated with them. 

Bodybuilders who take steroids have to often consult with doctors and have ‘bulking periods’ to allow the body to regulate, otherwise complications can arise further down the line.

A bodybuilder that is natty (natural) will be one that only uses supplements such as protein, creatine, l-carnitine and similar products. 



To conclude, Gladiator protein is a serious contender for protein of the year, the benefits of a low carb high protein shake are phenomenal and if you’re reading this, you should switch your shakes up right away. 

For those who are bulking, the protein can be part of a balanced mixed diet with other supplements to top up your calorie, fat and carb intake, and gives you that flexibility that you really need, especially for when you finish your bulk and start your cut.

Finally for those who are cutting, and had questions about the best protein for cutting along with does creatine break a fast, I hope we’ve answered all of your questions too as this protein comes up the winner across the market.

Before you look at buying any of the above supplements, always consult your doctor to make sure you are ok to take them, as L-carnitine is unsafe for those with kidney disease or on dialysis.


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