attack on titan walls

Attack on Titan Walls


It’s no secret now that the manga is fully out and Season 4 Part 2 anime has been released that the Attack on titan walls were made out of sleeping titans. What is the history behind this, the reason, and why did it come to an end?


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The Story Behind The Attack on Titan Walls


The Attack on Titan Walls were constructed 107 years ago (as told in the manga) when king Karl Fritz wanted to end the great titan war by moving his people off the mainland and onto Paradis island. The Attack on titan walls were named after Ymir Fritz’s three daughters, Sheena, Rose and Maria.


In a solemn attempt to isolate and save his people, Karl told the world that any attempt to attack the walls would make him unleash the millions of titans within the walls, and flatten the earth (we touch on this later with the rumbling). Karl Fritz did understand that this would leave the people inside the walls defenceless should the rumbling fail, but it was a deterrent for what would eventually come one day.


How many titans were within the attack on titan walls?


It is written that there were millions of people transformed into titans to sit within the walls, but due to the sheer size of each titan (all colossal titans) we estimate the number to be closer to 500,000. This is based off the number of towns, free space and walls shown within the manga and anime adaptation. Still, 500,000 Armin’s, that is pretty crazy.


What Is The Rumbling?


The rumbling is the threat of the king behind the walls to anyone who may come seeking war. As in the anime, Eren Jaeger triggers the rumbling in response to Marley becoming a threat to his friends.


What Happens to the World?


As told in the anime, 3/4 of the world is destroyed and crushed whilst the rumbling is happening. If it wasn’t for Armin, Mikasa, the survey corps and grudgingly the Marleyans, the whole would would have been destroyed.



To conclude, the attack on titan walls were made out of titans all along, to deter external forces coming in to attack the Eldian citizens. If you want to read more about Attack on titan, have a look at their fandom page here.

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