building a pergola in UK garden

DIY Pergola and Grass Area Transformation

We’ve recently renovated the house in time to sell & upsize as we’re outgrowing our current space so I thought I’d share the journey with you all with one half of our garden!

Check out the images below to see the area in stages, disclaimer – I had no idea what I was doing!

Step 1 – start to dig the old mud out.

Dug up garden 1

Dug up garden 2

Dug up garden 3

Photo reference for how deep the mud was!

Step 2 – Flatten the surface ready for the grass area to be set up

Dug up garden 4

Step 3 – Frame built for the artificial grass

Dug up garden 5

Step 4 – Fascia boards ready at the walls

Dug up garden 7

Step 5 – Get some stone in around the grass frame

Dug up garden 8

Step 6 – There is rubbish everywhere, panic!

Dug up garden 9

Step 7 – Frame building & levelling things out so everything is perfectly straight!

Dug up garden 10

Step 8 – Build and paint! Add the grano dust into the area to make it perfectly flat for the grass to sit on and whacker plate it down. Add stones to the fascia to make it look pretty too!

Dug up garden 11

Step 9 – Roll and cut the grass to shape

Dug up garden 12

And finally Step 10 – complete the thing!

Dug up garden 13

Dug up garden 14


What do you all think?! It was hard work but I feel it was definitely worth it!


Pergola cost was £420

Grass cost was £300

Stone cost was £120

Fascia cost was £20

Paint cost was £13


Total cost £873 for a huge transformation!

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