canal side street in ghent

Ghent : A Review

About Ghent Belgium’s fourth-largest and most beautiful city is home to a quarter of a million people and a flourishing flower export trade. An important port, Ghent’s city centre is a pedestrian area that is like a museum to early Flemish architecture and a testament to the city’s medieval might. Impressive Gothic sites, such as dramatic …

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Lisbon aerial shot

Lisbon : A Review

Lisbon is like many other coastal cities like Barcelona, Athens or even Santorini. It’s always been a warm southern paradise to go to where you can avoid cold weather year round, especially from December to March each year. Lisbon has mountains, sea, pink pastel buildings, everything you would want to see from a coastal city …

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lots of houseplants on a table

9 Reasons Why you Should Fill your Family Homes with House plants

Allergy Relief Researchers found that rooms with plants have less dust and mould than rooms without any foliage. Leaves and other parts of the plants act as natural filters to catch allergens and other airborne particles which can be very handy for keeping the kids well year round! Common low-light houseplants like Chinese evergreen or …

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