Cinder Block Planters

Garden DIY that Anyone Can Do

DIY Garden beds

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Start a little vegetable patch with some little raised garden beds, a single length of 6×2 wood goes a long way with a plywood base and inner liner, easy on the wallet too and lots of fun!

DIY Garden Trellis

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Simple, easy and effective! A couple of lengths of 1×1 inch wood, a saw and some plants to grow up/ hang down and it can really transform your garden!

Boot planters

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Add some character to your garden and re-use some old boots, walking boots or wellies (wellies is always my favourite one for the low weathering!).

DIY Garden Apron

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If you’re like me you constantly lose tools, make a little garden Apron like my wife has and keep everything together all of the time!

DIY Cinder Block Planters

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Surprisingly cheap at around £5 per block you can add a splash of colour to spruce up the garden!

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Do you have a steady hand? Neither do I but it still worked! You can order numbers online for very cheap on amazon or carve them yourselves from a thin plywood board and re-use the rest of the board for the planter.

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